Albondigas with Chipotle sauce
Achiote Steak Tacos
Chorizo and Potatoes
Cuban Pulled Pork
Mex-Sea-Can Poblano
Mexican Salmon
Puerco Pibil
Smoked Pork Tamales
Smoked Pork Taquitos

Bold Tri Tip
Smoked Meatloaf
Teres Major Steak

Apple Cider Pork
Crispy Breaded Tenderloin
Fork Tender Steaks
Gnarly Head Rib Contest
Pork Chops & Peaches
Sicilian Pork Chops
Smoked Pork Sliders
Smoky Breakfast

Blazin Chicken Challenge
Grill Mates Review
Peach Caprese

5 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. I tried your pulled pork recipe last weekend and it was the hit of the party. Served it with Blues Hog and people went nuts. Do you have a pulled pork recipe containing vinegar (we have someone from NC in our group and they would like some Carolina BBQ). Also do you have a recipe for Brisket?

  2. Have you ever grilled a hanger steak? For the money I think it’s the tastiest piece of meat out there! Just hard to find. I’ve recently moved to Mexico and was wondering with your family background if you tell me what a Mexican butcher might call this cut of beef?

    • Hi Wes! Hanger steaks must be a regional thing like pork steaks, tri tip or teres major steaks, I don’t see them around. I’ll have to ask my butcher at the Mexican grocery store what they call it. They sure do look a lot like skirt steak which is one of my favorite cut of beef. Growing up, I didn’t eat cuts like skirt steak, it was considered a luxury in our house. We ate simple, but flavorful dishes like steak picado, lengua and albondigas soup. But now, I’m on a mission to try hanger steak. Thanks!

      • From what I hear the hanger steak is located next to the liver which gives it such good flavor. It’s also called the butcher cut because the butchers would always keep it for themselves! I used to buy it in Atlanta where it was 4.79 a pound…deal!

  3. Love your recipes! Only thing you’re missing on here is a Brisket! I can’t seem to perfect it and would love to see you write one up for it!

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