America’s Best Barbecue: Recipes and Techniques for Prize-Winning Ribs, Wings, Brisket, and More


America's Best Barbecue

America’s Best Barbecue

Pre-order my BBQ cookbook, America’s Best Barbecue: Recipes and Techniques for Prize-Winning Ribs, Wings, Brisket, and More by Skyhorse Publishing. The release date is slated for April 29.

My cookbook has elements of competition BBQ to improve your flavor and scores, but also for the backyard weekend warrior that wants to test their BBQ chops and taste buds. With over 400 pages and nearly 200 recipes and 150 pictures….there is something for everyone to discover something new or be inspired.

Also, some of the best pitmasters in the country contribute their award winning recipes to help you win over the most picky judges…your guests! In addition, with the popularity BBQ competition growing in membership and participation, get this book and watch your scores increase because every secret ingredient used in BBQ competition is revealed in this cookbook.

I’m excited to share this news with all the fans of MLG! You’re the best!!!


Arthur Aguirre

Book Deal with Skyhorse Publishing!

MLG Exclusive!!!


Whoa! MLG made the BIG SHOW! I was approached by Skyhorse in February about writing a cookbook for them. They liked this blog and my BBQ and quickly made a decision to let me author a BBQ cookbook. The plan is release the book in the Fall. Here’s a little info about them from their website…

Skyhorse—with its four imprints (Arcade Publishing, Allworth Publishing, Sports Publishing, and Sky Pony Press) now boasts a backlist of more than 2,000 titles. Since its founding, Skyhorse has published an eclectic and maverick list that includes books on history, politics, rural living, humor, and more. With its imprints, the Skyhorse program now includes business, art, fiction, regional books, and children’s books. Skyhorse has had six New York Times bestsellers.

I should have announced this sooner, but I have been busy writing recipes, taking lots of pictures of my delicious BBQ and preparing for BBQ competition season. In addition, I have lots of surprises in the book I know all MLG fans would appreciate. Stay tuned and be patient…I’ll try to keep new content coming.

Code 3 Spices


I met some fans of MLG at the 3rd Annual GrillinFools Barbecue Bash who were also there to compete. Mike Radosevich and Chris Bohnemeier (Smoke N’ Siren’s BBQ Team) came over to my site to offer me some samples of their Q and I was more than happy to try it. The samples were phenomenal and as a result, they won big at the Bash.

These guys were pumped up about their spice rub, so when I had a taste of it, I told them they should bottle it up and sell it. So fast forward later, they enlisted St. Louis based McCarthy Spices to bottle their product and start taking pre-orders by November.

Pork loin

Pork loin

Mike and Chris generously offered to send me samples of their newly named, Code 3 Spices BBQ rubs. I was extremely excited to be one of the few to try their rubs before they shipped out. I received the whole set of 3:

  1. Rescue Rub – An all purpose BBQ rub. Great on anything wrapped in BACON!
  2. 5-0 Rub – A medium step up in spiciness. Great for authentic BBQ like ribs, pork shoulder and chicken.
  3. Backdraft Rub – Spicy rub with great flavor…brisket and chicken wings.

All 3 rubs were amazing. The flavors are more bold than anything else I have in my pantry…possibly competition worthy?



Moreover, Mike and Chris are passionate about giving back to those who risk their lives or have given the ultimate sacrifice on the job to protect others. Proceeds from purchases of Code 3 Spices go to Military and first responder causes.

The results? I have used all 3 rubs extensively and have prepared Q for others who salivated over every bite they took. I highly recommend these rubs and knowing that my purchase will go to a great cause is a win win situation.

To purchase your set of Code 3 Spices, check out

Smoked sausage gyro with Rescue rub

Smoked sausage gyro with Rescue rub

Bacon weave pork loin with Backdraft rub

Bacon weave pork loin with Backdraft rub

2012 GrillinFools Backyard BBQ Bash


At the first GrillinFools Backyard Bash, my first BBQ comp, I sucked. Initially, my ribs and pork steaks placed outside of getting a call and I finished 2nd to last in the appetizer category…horrible! However, scoring errors were fixed to move me up a bit. I returned this year with more experience and higher expectations.

Sadly, I sucked again

3rd Annual GrillinFools Backyard Barbecue Bash at Fireside Hearth & Home

  • Overall – 21st (out of 25 teams)
  • Chicken – 24th
  • Mystery Meat (Tri Tip) – 10th
  • Ribs – 6th



No big deal, I was here for a much bigger purpose…raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project. And a big success it was, raising $3,000 for veterans and their loved ones.

I was also really happy to see many of my BBQ buddies do well at this event. Big Al Bowman (Canadian Bakin’ BBQ Team) and Bill Grenko (Lock, Stock and Two Smokin’ Barrel’s BBQ Team) were winners at the Bash…Bill took GC!

Bill and Don talking Q

Bill and Don talking Q

Al is schmoozing with the customers

Al is schmoozing with the customers

Even more, I met lots of great guys and we talked about our passion for BBQ. Namely, my neighbors across from me…Mike and Chris (Smoke n’ Siren’s BBQ Team). We swapped samples and I immediately took a liking to their tri tip (the mystery meat). Sure enough, they took first place. Great job!

John (Simpson BBQ) had his competition BBQ cherry popped at this comp. Even though he came in DAL (dead ass last), he had the most fun out of anyone…and he made a hell of a bloody mary. I showed him the ropes and offered help, but he was on his own for turn ins. I hope my advise didn’t contribute to his performance.

John and his epic bloody mary's

John and his epic bloody mary’s

The Original GrillinFool, Scott Thomas

The Original GrillinFool, Scott Thomas

There were others who made this contest fun to be at, but the day went to Scott Thomas (GrillinFools). His passion to put the backyard back into BBQ has been refreshing to BBQ enthusiasts who are intimidated by custom built smoker trailers. No one has done it quite like Scott, 25 teams for an unsanctioned event is outstanding and despite the limiting factors to compete.

Honorable mention goes to Ken Moss (Fireside Hearth & Home). The guy just works hard all the damn time and he was a very gracious host. If you are ever in the market for a Big Green Egg smoker grill…see Ken, he’ll hook you up.

Thanksgiving Turkey’s


Last year, I thought about offering smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving. I passed on that idea to focus on competition BBQ. This year, I cooked turkeys for friends and family. I used a recipe I developed from Adam Perry Lang’s smoked turkey.

It goes without saying that the birds turned out wonderful and my customers were pleased. I wish I could have done more, but I lacked the grill space. In any event, smoking turkey’s seems to be a growing trend in it’s infancy. I expect to do even more next year.