Wildwood BBQ Bash


What a wild weekend this was. The St. Louis BBQ Society hosted the 2012 BBQ Bash in Wildwood, MO. This is their signature competition with almost 80 teams participating in 8 categories that count towards the overall scores. In addition, teams are encouraged to vend at this event, so we did that too. At this contest, we competed as Bauman’s Fine Meats (BFM). Here’s our results:

Category – BFM/Total entries
Overall – 20/79
Chef’s Choice – 43/59
Brisket – 17/66
Chicken – 7/68
Chili – 48/68
Dessert – 31/63
Pork – 5/69
Pork Steak – 30/67
Ribs – 36/74


Al Bowman did a phenomenal job with the chicken and pork. As a result, we got calls in both categories. I really thought he cooked a great brisket too, but settled for 17th. BFM placed 20th overall, that means a lot when some of the best chefs, restaurants and catering businesses in St. Louis are competing against you.

This was my first time competing at this event and the first time ever vending BBQ to boot. I teamed up with Al as we balanced competition and selling BBQ. Moreover, we couldn’t have done Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday without the help of our family and friends. Everybody busted their ass to help us be successful, that was special.



Overall, it was a great experience as we did well in the competition and we sold out of all the pork butts and ribs we brought to cook. Our crew were repeatedly told we had the best BBQ, that was great to hear. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to enjoy the festivities because we were so busy with sales or tending the competition meats. Sorry to those who came by the site to visit, we were slammed for 4 days straight!

Despite all the grinding we had to do to make this successful, we accomplished our goal and made enough money to pay for our trip to the American Royal…SWEET!

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