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I met some fans of MLG at the 3rd Annual GrillinFools Barbecue Bash who were also there to compete. Mike Radosevich and Chris Bohnemeier (Smoke N’ Siren’s BBQ Team) came over to my site to offer me some samples of their Q and I was more than happy to try it. The samples were phenomenal and as a result, they won big at the Bash.

These guys were pumped up about their spice rub, so when I had a taste of it, I told them they should bottle it up and sell it. So fast forward later, they enlisted St. Louis based McCarthy Spices to bottle their product and start taking pre-orders by November.

Pork loin

Pork loin

Mike and Chris generously offered to send me samples of their newly named, Code 3 Spices BBQ rubs. I was extremely excited to be one of the few to try their rubs before they shipped out. I received the whole set of 3:

  1. Rescue Rub – An all purpose BBQ rub. Great on anything wrapped in BACON!
  2. 5-0 Rub – A medium step up in spiciness. Great for authentic BBQ like ribs, pork shoulder and chicken.
  3. Backdraft Rub – Spicy rub with great flavor…brisket and chicken wings.

All 3 rubs were amazing. The flavors are more bold than anything else I have in my pantry…possibly competition worthy?



Moreover, Mike and Chris are passionate about giving back to those who risk their lives or have given the ultimate sacrifice on the job to protect others. Proceeds from purchases of Code 3 Spices go to Military and first responder causes.

The results? I have used all 3 rubs extensively and have prepared Q for others who salivated over every bite they took. I highly recommend these rubs and knowing that my purchase will go to a great cause is a win win situation.

To purchase your set of Code 3 Spices, check out

Smoked sausage gyro with Rescue rub

Smoked sausage gyro with Rescue rub

Bacon weave pork loin with Backdraft rub

Bacon weave pork loin with Backdraft rub

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