2012 GrillinFools Backyard BBQ Bash


At the first GrillinFools Backyard Bash, my first BBQ comp, I sucked. Initially, my ribs and pork steaks placed outside of getting a call and I finished 2nd to last in the appetizer category…horrible! However, scoring errors were fixed to move me up a bit. I returned this year with more experience and higher expectations.

Sadly, I sucked again

3rd Annual GrillinFools Backyard Barbecue Bash at Fireside Hearth & Home

  • Overall – 21st (out of 25 teams)
  • Chicken – 24th
  • Mystery Meat (Tri Tip) – 10th
  • Ribs – 6th



No big deal, I was here for a much bigger purpose…raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project. And a big success it was, raising $3,000 for veterans and their loved ones.

I was also really happy to see many of my BBQ buddies do well at this event. Big Al Bowman (Canadian Bakin’ BBQ Team) and Bill Grenko (Lock, Stock and Two Smokin’ Barrel’s BBQ Team) were winners at the Bash…Bill took GC!

Bill and Don talking Q

Bill and Don talking Q

Al is schmoozing with the customers

Al is schmoozing with the customers

Even more, I met lots of great guys and we talked about our passion for BBQ. Namely, my neighbors across from me…Mike and Chris (Smoke n’ Siren’s BBQ Team). We swapped samples and I immediately took a liking to their tri tip (the mystery meat). Sure enough, they took first place. Great job!

John (Simpson BBQ) had his competition BBQ cherry popped at this comp. Even though he came in DAL (dead ass last), he had the most fun out of anyone…and he made a hell of a bloody mary. I showed him the ropes and offered help, but he was on his own for turn ins. I hope my advise didn’t contribute to his performance.

John and his epic bloody mary's

John and his epic bloody mary’s

The Original GrillinFool, Scott Thomas

The Original GrillinFool, Scott Thomas

There were others who made this contest fun to be at, but the day went to Scott Thomas (GrillinFools). His passion to put the backyard back into BBQ has been refreshing to BBQ enthusiasts who are intimidated by custom built smoker trailers. No one has done it quite like Scott, 25 teams for an unsanctioned event is outstanding and despite the limiting factors to compete.

Honorable mention goes to Ken Moss (Fireside Hearth & Home). The guy just works hard all the damn time and he was a very gracious host. If you are ever in the market for a Big Green Egg smoker grill…see Ken, he’ll hook you up.

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