GrillinFools Tailgate Party

Another season of America’s most popular sport also means another GrillinFools Tailgate Party. Scott Thomas of invited me to his Fall football soiree. At his home, the living room and kitchen is taken outside to revel in gridiron hooliganism and BBQ debauchery.

This was a special tailgate party. First, the hometown Rams put on a surprising display of gritty defense, but ultimately fell short against the last second heroics of the Detroit Lions.

Second, I served up my Latin delicacy, Cuban sandwiches. Although, I had no pics to show for it because I was busy stacking the sandwiches to the heavens with pork, ham, cheese, smoked wieners, pickles and homemade mustard sauce. My mile high fiesta grinder was a party success.

Lastly, a local TV crew was there to shoot a segment featuring me! Actually, they were there to film Scott, Greg and Tom…with me being the “guest” GrillinFool. I was both honored and apprehensive at the same time. What an opportunity to show St. Louis was I can do, I couldn’t pass it up.

After a couple hours of prepping a precooking a blueberry muffin stuffed fatty, it was my turn to shoot. It was over and done quite fast, but I remember feeling good about it. The host of the show, Heidi Glaus is a consummate pro, it also helps to have a pretty girl interested in what you do with a grill.

This was a great day to Q. Apparently we did a lot of it…so much food was cooked, I took home a whole pork tenderloin that Scott grilled. It’s awesome to see the guys from last year again and Scott’s family was really great and appreciative in what I brought to the party. I hope to do it again next year.

Look out for my appearance on TV soon, I’ll make sure to post it on Facebook and my website.

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