Grilling Session: BBQ Yardbird

On this night, I had a violent hankering for some yardbird. Having been tired of making the the rich and sweet competition style BBQ, nothing was stopping me from making my sticky and charred chicken.

First, I fired up the grill for the 2 zone indirect heat. Now I prep the chicken with some BBQ rub. I don’t know what commercial rub I dusted the poultry with…don’t care. The thought of some heavily sauced fowl has clouded my memory!

For 30 minutes, the flavorful pieces of seasoned drums and thighs cooked on the cool side of the grill with the lid on. Afterwards, the topside of the chicken got the first coating of sauce. Ten minutes later, I flipped the chicken and painted the first coat on the bottom side. I repeated this process 2 more times, the chicken started to achieve an appetizing thick glaze.

Don’t be mistaken, this is not competition chicken…this is Major League Grilling chicken. Upon getting the meat cooked through, I removed the lid from the kettle. Instantly, the fire began to rapidly build from the rush of oxygen feeding the embers. When my blazing inferno reached the desired level of heat, I placed the chicken over the heat to char them like a piece of burnt toast. The fire was venting a pleasant aroma of sweetness around the grill as a result of the sauce dripping on the coals. If such a scent was ever bottled, it would be called Char-Pollo eau de toilette.

The chicken was seductively sticky, saucy and100% deliciousness. Evidence of this was found on all 10 digits and the surrounding area of my mouth. Finally, the best arrangement possible to enjoy my yardbird is not having to share any of this…check.

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