Product Review: Mojobricks

Mojobricks Mini-Qubes, hickory

There are only a few things you need to make great Q; smoke, rub seasoning and sauce. The last 2 items have an exuberant amount products out on the market that can make an infinite number of flavor profiles. On the other hand, smoke is produced by chips, chunks, pellets or logs of wood. In particular, hard woods such as hickory, oak and cherry are most commonly used for producing the best BBQ smoke.

However, not all wood is created equal. Did you ever buy a bag only find there were runts in there? I’ve found some chunks of wood that were mostly bark! Enter Mojobricks, a new product for producing clean BBQ smoke.

Mojobricks offer many advantages over the standard smoke wood to this BBQ pitmasters’ delight. I became aware of Mojobricks from my buddy Don Parr. Don is himself a BBQ enthusiast who is the author of Don and his Grill blog. He recently became a distributor for Mojobricks and he immediately gave me a complementary bag of them to try.

Before I put them use, I checked out the website to know a little more about this product. I was impressed with what they proclaim…

Mojobricks are an Alternative Earth Friendly 100% All Natural Wood for Cooking or Heating. Eco-Friendly Mojobricks are made with wood shavings and saw dust, which is compressed and held together by its own natural organic polymer. The compressed wood burns longer and cleaner than its counter part – wood chunks.  There are mandy advantages to burning Mojobricks. Mojobricks are also used in restaurants using pellet grills – as Mojobricks qubes add smoke flavor to an already cleaner burning wood fire.

The Benefits of using the Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes over regular wood chunks; 
  • It’s Easy!
  • No Soaking – EVER! 
  • Consistent Flavor
  • Burns Up to 35% Longer then Chunks
  • Rich Smoke Flavor Without Overpowering the Meal
  • Works in All Grill Applications including Gas
  • Less Mess 
  • Easy to Handle 
  • Stores in Small Space
  • Less is more! 
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Reduces PM10
  • Healthier
  • Renewable- Sustainable- Flavorful!

Essentially, they’re pellets in a larger form…makes sense. But how good are they?

It all starts with the Mojobrick packaging, quite different from a bag of wood chunks which look like a bag of vidalia onions. The Mojobricks come in a brown paper bag with a small, clear plastic view of the product…it’s a cool approach, it gives an artisan vibe. Come to think of it, many BBQ cooks envision themselves to be a gourmet pitmaster (I’m partially guilty of this), so this should instantly appeal to that niche.

Mojobricks package

The contents of the bag accommodate 12 “Mini-Qubes” (larger 6 “Qubes” are available). The cubes appear to be the same size, this is good because I could measure how much smoke 1 cube can produce. By comparison, wood chunks come in various shapes and sizes which makes it difficult to measure consistent amounts of smoke. In competition BBQ, consistency is crucial. The cube itself feels solid, it doesn’t crumble or break apart easy. In fact, I might have to take a hatchet to it if I ever wanted half a cube.

A single “MINI-QUBE”

Let’s cut to the chase, Mojobricks are amazing. I like the fact that they are:

  1. Uniform in size
  2. Organic
  3. Free of all bark

However, Mojobricks are not without a couple of flaws. First, a limited selection of hardwoods. Some of my favorites such as peach, apple and pecan are not available. And the second flaw is…convenience. It’s easier for me to run to my local meat market and buy a bag of wood chunks, total time…10 minutes. Like Mojobricks, my butcher runs a small business that I’m happy to support. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will change anytime soon. Despite this, many folks don’t have such options to buy quality smoke wood, so I suggest giving Mojobricks a try.

Although, to say this product is amazing is one thing, but here are the result to prove it.

I cooked 10 bone in pork butts for a fundraising event using only 1 cube! It produced enough sweet blue smoke to have a customer call his pulled pork sandwich “legendary”!

One cube in the cooker…

10 pork butts on the grills

Here is a brisket that I smoked. Again, just 1 Mojobrick…look at that smoke ring.

Last but not least, 3 racks of ribs smoked with a cube. They tasted great!

Finally, clean burning smoke wood is available through Mojobricks. And the best part is that Mojobricks contain no bark or other impurities and you don’t need to buy a new cooker to enjoy the advantages of a pellet pooper. I urge all of those who can’t find quality smoke wood to give Mojobricks a try at your next family cookout, fundraiser or competition.

5 thoughts on “Product Review: Mojobricks

  1. We are limited on the species -until there is more of a demand. We get comments that out competition blend smells like Pecan. . Right now it is Hickory, Maple w/apple essence we call MAPPLE, Cherry – which produces a fabulous end product including smoke rings on Brisket/pork/ribs and beautiful color on chicken. Red Oak which is good with everything.
    Thanks for sharing

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