Grillling Session: T-bone Steak

T-bone steak

My Dad got me this mammoth 2lb porterhouse steak for Father’s Day. The first thought that came to me was steak and potatoes.

I took a few Yukon gold potatoes and started slicing them to make hasselback taters. The grill was set for indirect grilling at about 400 degrees. When the grill came up to temp, I put some butter on the potatoes and cooked them for an hour.

Potatoes on the grill

Then, I mix breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese together and piled on the potatoes.

The steak was seasoned simply with canola oil and fresh cracked pepper.

I flipped it once to sear the other side and pulled it off the fire. It cooked until the steak reached an internal temp of 130 degrees.

Plate the steak, topped it with unsalted butter and seasoned with sea salt and more fresh cracked black pepper.

Served my delicious steak with hasselback potatoes and a whole ear of corn…tasty!

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