Mission Style Skirt Steak Wrap

Currently, my guilty indulgence is skirt steak. The fatty, extruded strip of beef is from the underbelly of the cow, directly under the ribs.  Skirt steak is often mistaken for flank steak, which is found directly beneath the sirloin. They are two different cuts of beef, thus, different flavor too. The fibrous skirt steak has unbelievable flavor because of its’ fat content, making it one of the most desired steaks (at least to me).

Typically, skirt steaks make excellent fajitas, tacos or eat it naked! My intentions for this installment will be making a phat skirt steak wrap!

2lbs Skirt steak
D.L. Jardine’s Fajitas Seasoning

You don’t need much to enhance this cut of beef. I use a commercial brand rub that is fantastic, but it may be difficult to find. If that ingredient isn’t available, any fajita seasoning will work. And if you want to make your own: combine 2 parts kosher salt, 1 part ground black pepper, 1 part granulated garlic and 1 part ground dried onion…you are good to go.


  1. Lightly season the beef with the fajita seasoning.
  2. Place steaks in the fridge for 30-60 minutes.
  3. Let the steaks come to room temp, about 30 minutes.
  4. Setup the grill for direct heat, 600+ degrees.
  5. Sear both sides of the steak over direct heat, 5-10 minutes each side.

Once the steaks are on the grill, leave it alone for a few minutes, but afterwards make sure to check the beef so it doesn’t burn all the way through. You’re looking for a crusty sear that still looks moist. When you see the desired results, flip and repeat.

Take the steaks off the grill and let them rest for 5 minutes, this redistributes all the juices inside. After that, slice the beef against the grain so that you won’t be chewing strings of beef. This technique gives the steak a tender texture.

Meanwhile, I grabbed some goodies for the steak wrap:

  • Mission style sun dried tomato flour tortilla
  • Monterrey jack cheese
  • Avocado slices
  • Onion, tomatoes, diced
  • Cilantro, chopped
  • S&P

I laid a generous pile of steak in the center of the tortilla and topped it with cheese, avocado, onion, cilantro, tomatoes and season with salt & pepper. Then, I rolled it up like a burrito, a COLOSSAL BURRITO! That first bite almost brought me to tears, it was that good. The juices from the steak melted the cheese which blended well with the creamy avocado…holy crap!

I could have eaten another one of these, but I’m sure I would have ended up in a steak coma. Delicioso!

Concession Stand Fundraiser

Nathan, Mel, Andrew & Bridget (from left to right).

Back in early April I had an opportunity to provide a service to the community, my organization and attain a personal goal. I was able to plan, organize and execute a concession stand fundraiser for the local chapter of the O’Fallon Jaycees. I’ve been a member of the Jaycees since the beginning of the year and we were in the beginning stages of building our new chapter from the ground up.

We raised $960 for charities and causes in our community…very cool! We did this by selling BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and other items for a local event. Our group received an invitation from the Riverfront Working Dog Club to provide vending services at the Working Dog Association’s National Championships in St. Peters, MO.

The event was held over the weekend, so we had to make sure we had enough to feed over 200 participants, spectators and volunteers.

Spectators watching the field.

Here is what we brought to sell:

  • 10 pork shoulder roasts
  • 50 Chicken breasts
  • 100 Hot dogs

Pork shoulders getting prepped.

Further, I couldn’t have done this without a little outside help…

My buddy, Don Par, is a distributor for a new product called Mojobricks. He gave me some to try out and I really like this stuff. All the pork I cooked only used 1 brick for smoke…1 brick!!! I’ll provide a full review of this stuff in another post.

Mojobricks were used to provide smoke.

A big shout out to Kosmos Q for donating rubs and sauces to this cause. The BBQ community is so supportive to folks like me and what we do. For that, I have been using Kosmos Q rubs and injections for competition cooks. Not because of their generosity, but mostly because it’s damn good stuff!

Lower batch of pork shoulders on the smoker.

Top batch on the smoker.

On the first day of our concession stand, it rained a lot and it was miserable. Everything was wet, but the food was well covered. I had plenty of help with fellow Jaycees, Nathan, Lacey and Kelly. It was slow selling at first, but things picked up later and we were swamped for periods of time.

Kelly and Nathan.

Once word of mouth about the tasty pulled pork sandwiches got around, sales quickly picked up. During a pause in the dog competition, the guy over the PA called the sandwiches “legendary”, which caused another rush of sales.

Pork is done.

Ready to be pulled.

We ended the day pleased with our efforts and packed up to do this again the next morning.

On Sunday, once again (chapter President) Nathan came out to help on a mild sunny day. Bridget, Andrew and later Mel all came to help out too. The day got busy early as folks as soon as 9am started lining up for pulled pork and chicken sandwiches.

Chicken breasts on the grill.

Grilled chicken breasts.

Nathan was serving a gentleman who joked about the $5 pulled pork sandwich, suggesting the price may be high. In response, Nathan made him a deal that if he bought one and didn’t like it, he can have his money back. The gentleman took one look at the piled high sandwich and said, “Damn! I ain’t getting my $5 back”, then he bought another!

“Legendary” pulled pork sandwich.

Man sized pulled pork sandwich.

We had lots of complements like that all day long which made all the hard work satisfying. Sure, I even caught a few of the Jaycees snacking on the tender pulled pork, they said it was like crack!

When sales got slow, I took some time to check out the working dog event. I was so impressed how obedient dogs can be, German Shepherds in particular. Of course, the main attraction was the dogs in attack mode. Even then, those German Shepherds were not angry at the runners they attacked. It was almost as if it were a job to the dogs…awesome!

Working dog action on the field.

In the end, the organizers of the event thanked us for coming out and wished us luck in our endeavors and we thanked them for inviting us. I’m glad I was able to accomplish such a task, a first for me (hopefully more to follow). This was a learning experience for my Jaycees group and I think we all bonded during this weekend task. I appreciated all the work our group put into this and they were definitely excited to do more.

But I think I’ll sit the next one out…I was pooped!

As a result of our concession stand accomplishment, we are looking to help a local resident install a ramp at their house. Also, I hoped to sponsor a Kid’s Q at a local BBQ KCBS event, but it was cancelled. Be assured, all the funds raised will go back into the community.