First Sponsor: Baumann’s Fine Meats


Ever since teaming up with Canadian Bakin’ BBQ Team, we had a vision on how to build a winning team. That vision included having partners in our efforts to become a competitive BBQ team. With our accolades and experience as ammunition, my teammate was able to convince Baumann’s Fine Meats that we were a great winning partnership. With only 2 contests on the schedule for our joint team, we will be called Baumann’s Fine Meats BBQ Team.

This is the opportunity we were hoping for and I know that we can win as long as we stick to our vision. With Baumann’s on board, they know a thing or two about outdoor cooking…we have the same passion. And when I’m not competing, I’m definitely grilling a fat ribeye steak in my backyard that I got from Baumann’s.

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