Grilling Session – Brisket Enchilada


Leftover brisket is blasphemy, but it makes for a hell of an enchilada. I warmed the smoked beef in a skillet with chopped green chiles, stuffed it into a few flour tortillas. I topped it with red chile sauce, cheddar/Monterrey jack cheese, scallions and black olives.

First Brisket


A momentous day it was when I smoked a pretty damn good brisket for a Super Bowl  gathering. In the frigid night, every 2 hours I kept the charcoal piled high and the smoke bellowing from the vents. Alas, 17 hours later…moist, tender beef umami was achieved.

Recent Grilling Session


Without question, my favorite cut of steak is the ribeye. I picked this mammoth 1 inch thick, 16oz steak up from Jeremy’s Meat Market in O’Fallon. The steak was dusted with some onion & garlic Grill Mates seasoning and that’s it!. The rest of the flavor came from the steak.

Cooked the steak on full blast high heat until it reached medium rare, only a few minutes on each side. It’s so simple a caveman can do it….and this caveman was hungry. Paired up with broc florets, grilled potato and a glass a red wine…delicioso!