Meatrake Review & Giveaway

I am under the firm belief that BBQ has entered a time when outdoor cooking is under constant movement and innovation, a renaissance if you will. Many accustomed rituals associated with BBQ such as waking up with a smoky aroma, the all-nighter cooks, firing up the grill with 16” of snow on the ground, etc… has become accepted as mainstream activities to the men and women who enjoy low and slow smoked meats.

Fortunately, common sense is another quality for barbecue’s rebirth. Evidence of this is credited to the folks at They recently sent me a set of meatrakes  to try on some of BBQ’s most prized dishes. For years, I have endured the chore of using dinner forks to shred succulent torn pieces of pork, beef and chicken. Meatrake profess that pulling BBQ is no longer a chore, but an effortless way to shred tender meats.

The meatrake product is a well-constructed and dishwasher safe tool that feels durable. Most of the handle is fitted with a non-slip polypropylene grip. The diagonal ridges in the grip add further for a more secure clinch onto the meatrakes.  It is a helpful feature because the rendered fat from a pork butt or chuck roast can produce slippery hands.

Meatrakes compared to primitive dinner forks.

Comb covers, included with all meatrakes.

Impressively, the combs of the meatrakes are sharp. So much so, that I was worried that they will puncture through a foil pan, which they did not.  I was able to shred a 7lb bone-in pork butt in a foil pan with meatrakes durable stainless steel combs with ease. Additionally, for protection, meatrakes are fitted with plastic comb covers which safely guard you from punctures when not being used.

Using the meatrakes is simple. I compare them to using a car squeegee for your windshield. Invert them so that your thumbs are pointing towards each other and the combs are butted up against each other. Next, sink the spiked combs into the cooked smoked meat and start pulling apart until completely shredded. Amazingly, meatrakes dig deeper and cover a wider surface compared to typical dinner forks. As a result, it took a fraction of the time and my hands were free from the juicy hot pork which allowed me to answer my phone or tend to one my attention deprived kids.

Pulled pork done in a fraction of the time.

High praise goes out to the meatrakes. Not only do they do exactly what they say, but you can feel it when you pick one up. Furthermore, at a cost of $19.99 for a set of 2, it is a tool that fits any budget and can make a great gift. Meatrakes are must haves for BBQ competitors, catering professionals and backyard pitmasters alike.

Meatrake Giveaway

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The #1 Meat Shredding Tool in the world!

The Meatrake is the next Best BBQ tool you’ll add to your cooking arsenal. Meatrake shreds through Pork, Beef ,Chicken, Ribs, and is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand and make light of the tough jobs. It also makes for the best kitchen tool in your gourmet kitchen, it’s stylish, as it makes any Chef proud to have a Meatrake in their kitchen tool arsenal.

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