My top 5…

There are a lot of products out there for grilling and BBQ.  I’m always on the look out for something unique or trying a classic recipe. Above all else, it must taste good. My experience with the vast array of BBQ cuisine essentials, while limited, is broad enough to know what I like. By no means am I judging which products are the best, it’s just my opinion based on the resources available to me. BBQ is highly territorial, much like college football, so there is never going to be a right or wrong choice when choosing the best ingredients for your backyard endeavors.

I present Major League Grilling “My top 5” series. This second installment of My Top 5 is all about BBQ sauce. The sweet, gooey condiment is applied thick onto succulent ribs, pulled pork, chicken, brisket, etc.

Here are my favorites for BBQ sauce…

 5. Sweet Baby Ray’s Original

When I’m BBQing on a weekend for friends and family, it’s gonna require a lot of BBQ sauce. Everybody loves this stuff and I can usually find it real cheap.

 4. Maull’s Sweet-N-Mild

A St. Louis BBQ tradition…pork steaks and Maull’s BBQ sauce. It’s hard to pick just one flavor from this brand. Add 2 bottles of Muall’s, a bottle of Schlafly’s Pale Ale and pork steaks in a foil pan. Let it braise until tender, then sear it. You end up with a plate of goodness found in every backyard surrounding the Lou!

3. Blues Hog Tennessee Red

Essential on pulled pork! This thin, vinegar based sauce has enough tang that punches you in the mouth. Add you r favorite BBQ sauce to thicken it up and add a ton of flavor to anything you put it on. This on e of 2 sauces I use when I compete.

2. Sticky Pig Jalapeno

This is a KC style BBQ sauce with some heat! Sticky Pig is a very sweet blend that is balanced out with jalapenos. I’ve used this in a competition before and won with it! Excellent on ribs!

1. Blues Hog Original

This is the essential sauce for doing backyard competitions. An outstanding sweet and rich taste, it will only take one bite for you to fall in love with it. Combine this with the Tennessee Red sauce and that is what I used to win 1st place in pork steaks.

3 thoughts on “My top 5…

  1. Hey There Majorleaguegrilling,
    Interesting Thoughts, What is the procedure to can homemade sauces such as BBQ sauce or cream based pasta sauce in the regular glass pint or quart mason jars with the 2 piece lids? Thanks.
    Good Job!

    • I thought about canning my red chile sauce a while back but I rather not buy the equipment because competition BBQ is costly enough. Unfortunately I have never canned anything before, but I hope to learn the skill in the future along with making my own sausage. I also don’t have a reference for you either, but I’m sure that the internet can provide the answer you are seeking. Come back often and thanks for being a fan!

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