My New BBQ Tools

Recently, I’ve collected a handful of BBQ gifts from family that correlated with a trifecta of my birthday, college graduation and Father’s day between May and June. I also received a gift card to my local butcher that was to say the least…very cool. I’m using it to buy meat for an upcoming BBQ competition. All of these new toys will in some ways be used to make some outstanding Q. On the other hand, one of these things may make you scratch your head and say “WTF?”.

This is not a review on any of these products. I can vouch for each one of these items as high quality and fun to use. I recommend any of these items if you come across them.

My first gift is a half round kettle grill topper.

I haven’t used this yet, but plan to use it for veggies, small items and seafood. I’ve used my cast iron skillet for delicate fish like tilapia, while it cooks a great crust and texture, the smoky taste is not prevalent. I think this grill topper may help.

Next is my super fast red Thermapen, this is the best meat thermometer you can own. It reads the internal temp in 3 seconds, it’s waterproof and it fits into any pocket easy. Many catering professionals own this and it is widely popular with competitive BBQ teams. And that is exactly why this device will be so valuable to me.

I’m not much of a gadget geek, I don’t have a flat screen TV, i-Pod/i-Phone, or X-box, but the Thermapen has enough electronic prowess to make me feel like one.

I had been content with one BBQ book for years…Steven Raichlen’s “How to Grill”. It taught me a lot about the art of high heat, indirect heat grilling and some smoking techniques. A fantastic beginners book on the basics with lots of instructional pictures.

In comparison, my new cookbook by Adam Perry Lang is not a book for beginners. In fact, it’s hardly a cookbook at all. The book tells stories, cultural significance and a little bit of science behind BBQ. Though there are a lot of BBQ cuisine recipes found this book. The recipes are from competition style to gourmet meals by this well respected chef. Even the photos in this book are something I envy…tons of pron. This is one of the neatest cookbooks I’ve ever seen.

Currently, I have an interest in trimming my own meat to make it look more presentable for photos on this site and competitions. However, the knives I have are either crap or don’t do the job.

That is why my new Zwilling J.A. Henckels boning knife is my go to instrument for trimming meat. It’s extremely sharp and I have great control, so I don’t end up mincing the meat. It’s by far my best knife, but I hope to add more butcher knives in the future.

Alright look, I like to be manly and taken seriously when it comes BBQ, however, my BBQ Queen cookbook makes it extremely difficult to do that. For days, I laughed at the cover thinking “Why would someone give this to me?” As the old cliché goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Surprisingly, this book has excellent recipes and they’re practical! I was giddy to see aioli’s and hummus right next to the briskets and ribs, not your average BBQ cookbook. If you can look past pictures of tiaras and the narrator referring to you as “Queen”, then have your mother-in-law purchase this book for you. Thanks Sharon!

There you have it, new additions to Team MLG.

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