Bacon Weave

Here is how to make a bacon weave. You will only need 6 steps to get the idea:

First, lay down 7 strips of bacon vertically, side by side.

Step 1

Second, fold every other bacon strip in half (it does not matter where you begin).

Step 2

Third, take the 8th strip of bacon and lay it across the middle, horizontally over the vertical strips of bacon and just below the bacon folded in half. Make sure the horizontal bacon is real close to the folded strips of bacon.

Step 3

Fourth, unfold the bacon so all vertical strips are in their side by side position.

Step 4

Fifth, fold the opposite strips of bacon up over the horizontal strip of bacon.

Step 5

Sixth, place another horizontal strip of bacon and repeat the process until complete.

Step 6


Use a bacon weave on a fatty, tenderloin, pork loin, meatloaf, etc. The finished product is amazing. * Here are some additional notes to make a more presentable bacon weave:

  • Use plastic wrap on top of your surface. this makes it easier to “roll” the bacon around the meat.
  • Use thin slices of bacon because I found the thicker slices give you a “loose” weave.
  • Smoke the bacon until it is cooked through completely. At this point, the bacon is still chewy…after smoking it, cook the bacon over high heat to crisp it up.

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