Welcome to Major League Grilling!

BBQ has become a passion of mine, so I decided to dedicate a blog towards the art of smoking and grilling. I have met a lot of folks through BBQ and I have already experienced so much, but there is more out there for me to accomplish. My backyard cooking exploits have yet to peak, so from now on I’m going to share my grilling adventures on this website.

I have some folks I’d like to acknowledge for giving me the inspiration of creating my first website…

My wife, she supports the idiotic things I do for BBQ. Which include, but not limited to: reek of smoke, take hundreds of pictures for a plate of ribs and corn, fill our patio up with smokers and grills, have long conversations with my butcher and random people at the grocery store about barbecue.

Scott Thomas of GrillinFools.com, for allowing me post my inferior BBQ skills on his blog. My knowledge of chillin, thrillin and grillin has grown exponentially under his tutelage. I look forward to working more with him side by side and to come up with some sick new ways of grillin.

Barry Martin of Char-Broil, for giving me the opportunity to expand my unique style of BBQ from out of my backyard to hardcore foodies all across the country. He has the best job in the world of grilling, eating fantastic cuisine and writing about all the great things he does

The BBQ Brethren Forum, vast amounts of knowledge on this website that taught me almost everything I know about low and slow smoked BBQ. In addition to smoked meats, I’ve learned about the culture and the character of the BBQ community.


Backyard Pitmaster Arthur Aguirre

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